You can use the DeNoise audio effect in Adobe Premiere Pro to easily remove your videos’ background noise. In this quick and easy tutorial will show you how to remove the noise floor/room noise from your video.




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Do you hear that, that background noise sounds like… [Room Noise]

In today’s video I’m going to show you how to easily remove it in Premiere Pro, so it sounds like…[Silence]

So much better, let’s get started.

So welcome to Premiere Pro, doing this effect is super simple. First go up to the effects tab and search for “denoise”.

Once you find it, drag it down to your audio clip and under effect controls you’ll find de-noise is listed here.

Very easy setup, click the edit bar, this is our effect control.

Zero removes no noise and 100% removes the maximum amount of noise, you have to be very careful with this

if you have it up at 100%, it will affect your voice.

So I would try it around 50 to start, and see what you think.

That’s what the effect applied.

Here’s the same clip.

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